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About the FHM Board of Directors

FHM is governed by a eight (8) member Board of Directors (BOD) which includes seven (7) parents or community members and the Principal, who serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member. The parent/community members are elected by the community at large and/or appointed by the standing BOD for three-year terms, unless filling a vacancy and serving out the predecessor's remaining term. All Board members are committed to ensuring the success of FHM through alignment of vision and mission with the best practices of professional and quality education. The Staff Liaison(s), as elected by the FHM staff, and the Director of Finance, Facility and Advancement, also attend all Board of Directors meetings.

The role of the FHM Board of Directors is to set policy and direction for the School and to assure the School is run in compliance with its charter, all applicable laws, and contractual obligations. In accomplishing its responsibilities, the Board of Directors is supported by a number of committees consisting of parent and non-parent volunteers in areas ranging from financial matters to facilities issues. As you think about how you will contribute volunteer service to the school this year, we invite you to consider service on one of these committees or on the Board. Supporting the Board of Directors either as a Board member or as a committee member has an impact during your service and potentially for several years beyond. The Board of Directors is made up of FHM parents, non-FHM community members, faculty and staff. Supporting the Board is not only a means of achieving your volunteer hours but also can have a long-term impact on FHM’s strategic vision and reaching that vision.

The BOD meets monthly and encourages parents to attend these open meetings. All community members are welcome to address the BOD and must follow the policy attached at the back of this handbook. All other corporate documents (e.g. by-laws, articles of incorporation, BOD policies) are located below and in the front office and all are available for public review. Board members do not have access to confidential files of students, school personnel or other federally or state mandated confidential information.


Current Board Members

The Free Horizon Montessori Board serves at the pleasure of, and represents, the parents. Therefore, it provides opportunities for any member of the school community to express interest in and concern for the school.

Board Member Role Contact Board Term
 Jen Stickel President, Liaison to the Facilities Committee
email 2016-2019
Lisa Cernick Vice President, Liaison to School Accountability Committee email
Jonathan Spitze Secretary, Liaison to Facilities Committee email
Hilary Hobson Treasurer, Liaison to the Governance Committee email
Diane Fox Backup to the Secretary email
Alison Fuhr Backup to the Treasurer and Liaison to the Finance Committee
Aneta Rettig Liaison to the Governance Committee email
Kresta Vuolo Principal, Ex-Officio Member email

Staff Board Guests (non-voting)
The Board has a standing invitation for select school staff to actively participate in Board meetings. These staff members keep the Board informed of school and staff activities and are a conduit of communication back to the staff.

Miera Nagy Business Director, Non-Voting Guest email
Chris Caruso
Staff Liaison, Non-Voting Guest email 2018-2019
Heather Smith Staff Liaison, Non-Voting Guest email


Communicating With the Board

If you wish to make requests, presentations, or proposals to the board, direct any inquiry to the Principal or the Board President who will assist in getting your request on the agenda and get back to you with the date and time of the meeting. If you have specific actions you would like the Board to take, it is best to put these in writing and email or deliver them to the Board President or any other Board member to present to the Board. They will consider the request and respond to you by the next Board meeting with actions they can take or alternative recommendations.

We look forward to seeing you!

Board Meetings & Documents

Regular meetings of the FHM Board of Directors are held on the second Thursday of every month from 6:00 - 9:00 pm at Free Horizon Montessori. All regular meetings are open to the public. All members of the school community are cordially invited to attend all open meetings of the Board. A time for public comment is a part of every regular Board meeting.

Find Board Meeting Agendas and Meeting Minutes for the current school year below:

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Notes/Attachments
 2019-06-13 Agenda   Monthly Board Meeting
 2019-05-09 Agenda   Monthly Board Meeting
 2019-04-11 Agenda   Monthly Board Meeting
 2019-03-18  Agenda    Board Working Session
 2019-03-14 Agenda  n/a CANCELLED DUE to INCLEMENT WEATHER. Board Working Session
 2019-03-07 Agenda   Monthly Board Meeting
 2019-02-19  Agenda    RESCHEDULED Monthly Board Meeting
 2019-02-07 Agenda  n/a CANCELLED DUE to INCLEMENT WEATHER. Monthly Board Meeting
 2019-01-22 Agenda   Working Session
 2019-01-10 Agenda   Monthly Board Meeting
 2018-12-11 Agenda   Monthly Board Meeting
 2018-11-08 Agenda
 Minutes Monthly Board Meeting
 2018-10-09 Agenda
 Minutes Monthly Board Meeting
 2018-09-13 Agenda  Minutes Monthly Board Meeting
 2018-09-10 Agenda  Minutes Special Board Meeting
 2018-08-09 Agenda  Minutes Monthly Board Meeting
 2018-07-23 Agenda  Minutes Working Board Meeting
 2018-07-12 Agenda  Minutes Special Board Meeting

Serving on the Board of Directors

Elections for the Board of Directors are held at the FHM Annual Meeting, scheduled each year in April. New members can be appointed to open positions throughout the year through a majority vote of the Board. The Board seeks individuals with passion for Free Horizon Montessori as potential candidates to help the Board continue the mission and vision of our school. If you are interested in finding out more information, contact the Governance Committee Chair, Lynne Sekou, via email.

The Governance Committee

About the Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Directors. The purpose of the Governance Committee is to assume primary responsibility for matters pertaining to recommendations regarding Board recruitment, nominations, orientation, training, and evaluation in accordance with the Bylaws of the school as well as established Board policies. The committee is also responsible for developing and revisions to the Board handbook as needed. See the Board Policy Manual section for complete information.

Governance Committee Members

The Governance Committee is comprised of parent volunteers, including a Liaison from the Board of Directors, and a staff liaison. The Governance Committee meets monthly to complete work in service to the FHM Board of Directors.
Questions about the Governance Committee should be directed to the Chair.
Astrid Makowitz Chair, Community Member
Aneta Rettig
Board Liaison email
 vacant  Staff Liaison email
Chris Webber Community Member email
 Jill Fricker Community Member  email
 Katrina Smolka Community Member email
 Jenna Layne Community Member email


The Finance Committee

About the Finance Committee

The Finance Committee has the responsibility for working with the Principal and the Finance & Facilities Director to create the upcoming fiscal year budget; presenting budget recommendations to the Board; monitoring implementation of the approved budget on a regular basis and recommending proposed budget revisions; and recommending to the Board appropriate policies for the management of the school's assets.

Finance Committee Members

The Committee shall be comprised of the Board Treasurer, the Board back-up to the Treasurer, the Principal, the Finance & Facilities Director, and one member of the community. The Finance Committee meets monthly to complete work in service to the FHM Board of Directors. Meetings are generally held on the last school day Thursday of each month from 7:30 - 9:00 am in the administrative office of the school. Questions about the Finance Committee should be directed to the Board Treasurer.

Finance Committee Member
Alison Fuhr Chair, Backup to the Board Treasurer
Hilary Hobson Board Treasurer email
Kresta Vuolo
Miera Nagy Director of Finance & Advancement email


Financial Transparency
            Financial Transparency

Link to FHM's Financial Transparency page here.

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