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Lifelong Learning

FHM is a place where everyone learns.  We invite you to explore these topics, books, and seminars recommended by our faculty.

Montessori Education - "Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius"

In Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius, Angeline Lillard shows that science has finally caught up with Maria Montessori.  Current scientific research provides astounding support for her major insights. Lillard presents the research concerning eight insights that are foundational to Montessori education and describes how each of these insights is applied in the Montessori classroom. In reading this book, parents and teachers alike will develop a clear understanding of what happens in a Montessori classroom and, more important, why it happens and why it works.

Amid the clamor for evidence-based education, this book presents the studies that show how children learn best, makes clear why many traditional practices come up short, and describes an ingenious alternative that works. Everyone interested in education, at all levels and in all forms, will take from this book a wealth of insights on how to improve teaching effectiveness.  Get a glimpse of the research and other information at the author's website.

Montessori Education - "The Montessori Way"

This beautiful book explains the Montessori philosophy and instructional practices so that it makes sense to parents and others interested in learning more.  The wealth of color photographs and magazine-article style chapters make the content accessible to the layman while providing detailed information for students of  education or staff of Montessori schools. 

The first section gives an overview of the  approach, covering those aspects which define good practice in Montessori schools.  The second section examines and explains the concept of “Planes of Development”, clearly outlining how the different stages require a different style of education and how the prepared environments cater for the various age groups.  The last two sections answer many questions parents raise regarding the benefits of Montessori for their children.  The Montessori Way is available from The Montessori Foundation.

Children in the Natural World - "Last Child in the Woods"

The recipient of the 2008 Audubon Medal, Richard Louv identified a phenomenon we all knew existed but couldn't quite articulate: nature-deficit disorder. Since its initial publication, his book Last Child in the Woods has created a national conversation about the disconnection between children and nature, and his message has galvanized an international movement.

Hailed as "an absolute must-read" by the Boston Globe and "too tantalizing to ignore" by Audubon magazine, Last Child in the Woods is the inspiring work that proves children need nature as much as nature needs children.  Learn more on Richard Louv's website.

Children in the Natural World - "Sharing Nature with Children"

"The unutterable beauty of a blossom. The grace of a high-flying bird. The roar of wind in the trees: At one time or another in our lives, nature touches you ... and me ... and all of us in some personal, special way. Her immense mystery opens to us a little of its stunning purity, reminding us of a Life that is greater than the little affairs of man."  So begins the preface of Sharing Nature with Children.

Not just a book, but a powerful approach to nature education. The first edition of this book sparked a worldwide revolution in nature education, and became a classic. Newly revised and expanded for its 20th anniversary, it now has 50 fascinating games for children of all ages. Almost a half a million copies sold and printed in over fifteen foreign languages.  Find more information at the Sharing Nature Worldwide website.

Multiple Intelligences - "Emotional Intelligence"

Drawing on groundbreaking brain and behavioral research, Daniel Goleman shows the factors at work that add up to a different way of being smart -- "emotional intelligence." This includes self-awareness, managing emotions effectively, empathy and social skill. 
These are the qualities that mark people who excel in life, whose relationships flourish, who are stars in the workplace. Lack of emotional intelligence can sabotage the intellect and ruin careers. Perhaps the greatest toll is on children.  But the news is hopeful. Emotional intelligence is not fixed at birth, and the author shows how its vital qualities can be nurtured and strengthened in all of us. And because the emotional lessons a child learns actually sculpt the brain's circuitry, he provides guidance as to how parents and schools can best use this window of opportunity in childhood.  Find out more at Daniel Goleman's website.

Gender Differences - "Boys & Girls Learn Differently"

Founded in 1996, the Gurian Institute is committed to helping boys and girls reach their full potential by providing professional development that increases student achievement, teacher effectiveness, and parent involvement.

FHM faculty welcomed Betsy Hoke from the Gurian Institute to facilitate a seminar on this interesting and valuable topic during our October 2010 staff development day.  Learn more about gender differences in learning and strategies to approach children in ways that resonate with them by visiting the Gurian Institute web site.  Look for their printable book study guides, too!

Parenting & Discipline - "Parenting with Love & Logic"

Love & Logic provides simple and easy to use techniques to help parents and teachers have more fun and less stress while raising responsible kids of all ages. Love & Logic is a philosophy founded in 1977 by Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline, M.D.  It is the approach of choice among leading educators parents, and other professionals worldwide.  FHM teachers utilize many Love & Logic techniques in classroom management and dicipline practices.

In addition to books, CD's, and DVD's, the Love & Logic Institute holds seminars across the country. You can also join their free Insider's Club for weekly e-mail tips, promotions, and event announcements.  Visit the Love & Logic Institute web site for more information.

Parenting & Discipline - "Positive Discipline"

Positive Discipline is a program designed to teach young people to become responsible, respectful and resourceful members of their communities. Based on the best selling Positive Discipline books by Dr. Jane Nelsen along with several co-authors, it teaches important social and life skills in a manner that is deeply respectful and encouraging for both children and adults.

Recent research tells us that children are “hardwired” from birth to connect with others, and that children who feel a sense of connection to their community, family, and school are less likely to misbehave. To be successful, contributing members of their community, children must learn necessary social and life skills.  FHM faculty members employ Positive Discipline techniques, including the Classroom Meeting, in classroom leadership and discipline practices.  Visit the Positive Discipline web site for more information.

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