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Per the district’s request, we have to document work completed and attendance. To make this easy on all families, the Lower Elementary team decided that each family, once per day, will take a picture of their child, doing one of the works listed above, and send that picture to their teacher. The time frame  allowed for this is 9:00am-9:00pm. 

Teachers will be available each day, via email, to answer your questions. Scheduled work hours are 9:00-11:30 am, and 1:30-3:00pm. Please know that I will get to you as quickly as I can. We are all learning together.


- Please do your best work
- Enjoy the activities
- Reach out through email or if you can access the Google Hangout if you have questions
- Take your time, you have all day!!


- Help your child get set up to do their work
- Help your child upload assignments so they can be sent directly to me
- Reach out if you have questions or concerns
- Have everything sent by 9 pm this evening

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

Daily Writing Prompt: Draw and write a comic about your first day of Remote Learning.

Reading: You need to read for 45+ minutes today (students can also listen to an audiobook being read to them and/or have a family member read to them). Write the title of the book you are reading. Complete this activity:
fiction books- Write three sentences about the main character of the story.
non-fiction books- Write three facts you learned in your own words. 3rd Graders: include page numbers for where you found your facts.

Practical Life: Ask your parents for three ways to help around the house today.

- Count and add up your piggy bank money or money you can find around the house. Count how many pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and bills. Bonus: What is the total amount in your piggy bank?

#2 - Graphing- Collect a collection of different toys you have in your house and make a bar graph on how many of each you have EX: (legos, dolls, stuffies, cars, etc). Write questions to go with your graph and have someone in your family answer the questions.

Science/Cultural: Make a flag of a South America country; on the back, write down 5 or more interesting facts about that country.

Optional Resources and Work

- Khan Academy
- ReadWorks
- Lexia
- Scholastic
- Reading IQ
- Free Journal Writing

Here is an example of a Daily Work Plan that you will receive via email to share with your child starting tomorrow-

Daily Writing Prompt: Your child will be given a prompt to write about each day.

Reading:  Your child needs to read for 45+ minutes each day. They will be given question(s) to answer, depending on their grade/ability.

Practical Life: The importance of helping out around the house is greater this week than ever. Your child will be asked to do several practical life activities each day.

Math:  Besides practicing math facts (First and Second Years are all working on addition, Third Years are working on multiplication), a daily math activity will be sent.

Science/Cultural:  We are continuing to learn about South America, botany-seeds, mammals/human body, and energy/light/sound using the scientific process. Several assignments will be given around our curriculum.

Other Ideas: These are other ideas/resources for you to use:

Scholastic Learn From Home: It is easy to create an account for your child. Just click on their reading level and you will find a place to make an account. It has 20 days of reading and writing activities. Each day is centered around a theme.

Google Docs/Google Slides:  Most of your children are able to sign in to their Google accounts and access Docs and Slides. If your child has access to technology and can remember their account information, they can share with me their work directly. Due to confidentiality,
I am not allowed to know your children’s Google information. But if this helps, your child’s username is their student id number, and then each child has created their own password. This is a way that would allow me to keep in contact with
the children more directly.

Daily Journal entry: Students can write about anything they want.

Fresh Start Movement Activities from Ms. Tyler

As always, please email with questions and concerns as soon as possible.

Aspen - Ms. Jamie
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Durango - Ms. Kim
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Steamboat - Mr. Adam
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